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What We Teach

Baby & Toddler Swim - What we teach at MySwim

MySwim follow’s the Professional Baby Swimming Teachers Association (PBSTA) method of teaching babies and toddlers how to swim.

The PBSTA lesson structure comprises 12 different exercises all pertaining to swimming. These exercises are repeated at every lesson. As and when your baby/toddler is ready to progress to more challenging tasks these are included in the programme. Each and every child is an individual and progresses at his/her own pace.

Early introduction to water may prevent aqua phobia which is more likely to develop as a child grows older. Baby swimming lessons start from 6 months of age.
An early start in swimming prevents aqua phobia, and allows one to take advantage of the strong reflexes that babies have.

At MySwim we teach:

  • In a tender loving caring way
  • By adopting age appropriate skills
  • By routine and repetition
  • With ongoing progression
  • By rewarding different levels of achievement

By using this method, we teach the babies and toddlers:

  • Water orientation
  • Water awareness
  • Safety skills in and around water
  • Swimming skills in preparation for the swimming of strokes
  • Breath-control, through familiarising the child with submersion by means of verbal, physical and visual cues prior to submersion. Anxiety will be eliminated, confidence will develop, trust will be maintained and breath control will be learned

MySwim offers baby and toddler lessons to parents/caregivers with their babies/toddlers:

  • In heated indoor pools
  • In pools that are hygienically maintained
  • All year around
  • By qualified, committed and consistent instructors

MySwim invites all prospective moms and dads with babies and toddlers to join an introductory lesson (no charge – booked on an appointment basis). During this lesson our instructors will take you through the steps of a typical baby/toddler swim class slowly, giving explanations on how to hold and work with your baby/toddler, outlining the main exercises in a lesson, and giving you some insight into why certain exercises are done and the achievable outcomes thereof.

Please CONTACT US for more information on these classes and availability for lessons.

For additional information on the PBSTA, please go to