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Learn to Swim

The Learn to Swim program is sanctioned by Swimming South Africa, and teaches the principles of aquatic safety, the basic swimming strokes and survival techniques.

Baby & Toddler Swim

As parents, we all want the best for our children. We want them to be healthy and happy babies that reach their developmental milestones timeously.

Stroke Lessons

Stroke Lessons further develop the strokes learnt in the Learn to Swim program and build confidence and fitness in these strokes. Contact us us for more information.

Nursery Schools

MySwim provides Learn to Swim and Introductory Stroke Lessons to Nursery Schools as an extra-mural activity. These lessons are offered during the school day.

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What Customers Say

Some of the testimonials MySwim has received
  • Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude toward you.

    You have been a pillar of support and an incredible influence in my little girl’s life and for that I will be eternally grateful to you. It has been a wonderful experience having you as her coach and friend.

  • I really want ta take this opportunity to thank you guys for the wonderful job you have been doing with them over the past two months.
    They have improved tremendously. We really do appreciate your hard-work and professionalism

  • Wow... What a pleasure to deal with you guys. I must say I have been very impressed and will gladly recommend you to everyone.

  • Kaylee is doing very well with her swimming and now goes to lessons at the Bath University in the UK where all her instructors are amazed at how well she can swim for her age.

    All thanks to the great start she had with MySwim

  • Connor has had a great time with you guys and has really showed an improvement over the months - Thank you, and all his coaches, for the patience and great instructing!

  • I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job your team is doing!

    Keagan is improving every week and is loving it.
    Aiden has really has made wonderful progress too.

    A big thank you to the whole team on doing such a great job.

  • I would just like to thank Myswim and sepcially the swimming instructor for such amazing experience this afternoon. Milan loved every second and I felt so comfortable with her being in the pool with the instructor.

    Once again thank you for such professional service, friendly staff and clean welcoming environment.

  • I would like to thank the team for assisting me reach my goals. you guys are a great team. Thank you again.

  • Natalie is an amazing swim teacher. She is patient, kind and soft natured which allows my daughter to feel comfortable. Her lessons work with the swimmer and she know exactly when to step up the difficulty. We absolutely love her.