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Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly

Stroke Lessons - teaching freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly at MySwim

Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly comprise 4 of the "strokes" of swimming. MySwim teaches all these strokes to it's learners - exposure to Butterfly (perceived by some as the "hardest" stroke) is present even in the younger classes in it's most basic form. The lessons at MySwim have a "stroke focus" which changes every 2 x weeks. During each stroke cycle, lessons are focused on the basics of the stroke being taught and the key elements of that stroke individually, and then combined into the full stroke.

Strokes are typically taught using the BLABT approach.

B Body Position
L Legs
A Arms
B Breathing
T Timing
Child breathing on the side swimming freestyle
Child swimming backstroke

This ensres that BODY POSITION (on front, side and back) is practised and correct before moving onto LEGS.
LEGS, whilst not the only force of propulsion, due to their muscle size, play an important role in driving the stroke. Kicking styles vary from stroke to stroke, with Freestyle and Backstroke using the "flutter" kick, Breaststroke using the "froggie" kick and Butterfly using the "dolphin" kick.
The style of ARMS for each stroke also differ; the arms are typically introduced once a swimmer has good body position and propulsive leg movement. Having a strong body position allows for combination of arm and leg movement; this leads to swimmers being able to swim a stroke in good resemblance to it's final state.
From here the techniques of BREATHING and TIMING would be introduced and refined.

Within each stroke cycle the correct starts, turns and finishes used when swimming each specific stroke are also introduced and practised

Child swimming freestyle
Child swimming butterfly
Kids diving in and swimming breaststroke

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